Gustavo Dalinha: Religiousness and Sacredness

Two very distinctive features of the Dalinha Universe are Religiosity and Sacredness present in his Works.

When we think of religiosity as the act of "reconnecting," that is, of connecting, re-tying, holding on with the divine Principle, we respect the classical tradition regarding the meaning of the word: religiosity re-links the human with the divine.

When we speak of sacrality in turn, and we consult its etymology, we discover that this word defines the subject or object in question as "worthy of veneration for its divine character"

Both characteristics are obvious and tangible in the Work of Gustavo Dalinha, because their works function as religious icons that challenge the mystical aspect of the individual establishing with him, channels of enlightenment.

We are not talking about the Stendhal Syndrome, so widespread in the nineteenth and twentieth century, where certain spectators fantasize and overflow emotionally to the aesthetic contemplation of an Art Work, falling into a pretended ecstasy, but a more archaic concept, more vital, not intellectual, where an Object becomes a tool for the development of consciousness, establishing an immediate and spontaneous linkage between both entities.

We speak of Works whose genetic and ontological content approach the individual spectator from their most primitive humanity.

Powder of stars in all the creation that from their diverse forms they are rediscover again.

From the appearance of Man on Earth, the artistic manifestations obeyed in principle the desire and need to transcend, value and sacralize his existence.

Dalinha understands how few these needs are because they are her own.

In a world so full of voids; Saturated with trivia; Depleted of inconsistencies, toxins and bilious humours, the Work of Dalinha emerges powerful, flashing from its particles, radiating light and heat, ignoring the known spaces and time, to go beyond, intimating Man to face his responsibility, and to recognize himself as part of this Perfect Universe.

Dalinha, as a suitable geographer, traces invisible routes in his works, to be traveled by those who can find them and encourage them to explore them.

Dalinha challenges each of these transhumants to become the sacred pieces that this sacred Universe requires for their Evolution.



Marcella Rela / Buenos Aires, Enero 2017.